Prenatal & Postnatal Mat and Props Sessions
Pilates classes are proven to help strengthen and connect with the pelvic floor, which is vital pre and post pregnancy. A strong pelvic floor not only supports the organs of the lower abdomen, it aids in firing the Transversus Abdominus, or deep core muscles that are responsible for flattening the abdominal wall, and stabilizing the lumbo-pelvic region. This helps prevent lower back pain, incontinence, and allows for more efficient labor and delivery. A strong pelvic floor helps increase sexual pleasure before and after childbirth.
The breathing principles used in Pilates help during labor and delivery, and encourages relaxation and optimal oxygenation of the blood.
Using your own body resistance as well as props as you strengthen and stretch, helps to decrease fluid build up and increase circulation and mind/body awareness. Studies show that exercise during pregnancy creates muscle memory allowing for your body to bounce back to your pre-baby body with more ease.
Pre & Postnatal Classes are conducted as a small group Mat class, or as Private & Small Group Mat and Equipment Sessions.