What we offer

Private Sessions

Private Sessions offer clients the opportunity to develop at a speed that is relevant to their personal goals and recovery or fitness plan. All sessions are conducted in our well-equipped studio and will be tailored specifically to each client. A private session is the best option for back pain, weight loss, prenatal and postnatal, and injury and trauma revovery.

The Key benefits of Private Sessions are:

*We recommend at least 2 Private Sessions per week to see the most optimal results. As you progress, you have the option to move into Semi-Private Sessions or more advanced level Mat Classes

Small Group Sessions

Our small group classes are varied to meet all of your fitness, therapy and body conditioning needs. Ranging from the basics in traditional mat work where you learn the fundamentals of core strengthening and Piilates, to the more advanced and choreographicBARREā„¢, Tower, Chair,Reformer,Jumpboard,Suspension andPrenatal and Postnatal. You will see dramatic improvements in a short time under the close supervision and guidance of the instructor.

The Key benefits of Small Group Sessions are: