Athletic Conditioning
Often in the case of injury or trauma, people will seek the care of a physiotherapist to help treat their immediate pain, but are left asking “what next, how do I safely bring my body back to a level where I can continue with my athletic training?”
Combining Sports Therapy and Athletic conditioning using Pilates, cardio, HIIT, endurance, and strength training is the best option for rehabilitation and athletic improvement. We provide hands-on-treatment using the latest’s therapies, concepts and advanced techniques. From your first visit, we will approach your specific needs by creating a holistic program to help you recover from any injury whilst improving your athletic performance.
We will work on personally balanced programme to help you achieve your fitness goals, and improve your strength, endurance and agility to help you improve your overall fitness or compliment sports specific training you may require. Using our expertise in training, injury management and rehabilitation, we will get you “fighting fit” in the shortest time possible.