Sports Therapy Sessions
At CORE-MOVES, we are committed to helping you recover from an injury or surgical procedure and return to an active life as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle by giving you the tools to recover from an injury and prevent its recurrence.
Using a combination of Pilates, Sports Therapies, and Rehabilitation Principles, we offer a truly holistic approach to recovery. We start with a thorough evaluation, taking the time to review your complete medical history, and assess your functional mobility and your body’s limitations through static and dynamic postural analysis and a series of function assessment tools, and then work together with each client to create a treatment plan to achieve their individual goals.
A personalized rehabilitation plan will be created for you, using a variety of techniques to restore movement and balance to your body. Your personalized treatment program may include: hands-on mobilization of joints and soft tissues, modalities of heat, ice, traction, & Pilates exercises for releasing and conditioning muscles.